Husmanskost was founded in 2015 and the band are still to this day experimenting with their genre.
They started mainly a grindcore band but in their last albums you can hear everything from thrash/death/black/Grind to other subgrenres.
Genres are not so important as long as the songs are well stitched together with intensity and atmosphere. Featured on several splits and compilations.
From recording to the mix the band do everything themselves.


From: Kristiansund, Norway


  • Kai Andrè Kofoed – Guitars/Bass/Vocals
  • Niklas Grimsmo Mortensen – Drums/Vocals
  • Mikkel Dip Dhunsi – Bass (session)


Former members:
  • John-Åge W. Olsen – Vocals
  • Hans Ivar Malé-Wik – Bass
  • Dan Stian Brill – Bass